What is a gas geyser?

A Gas Water Heaters [GWHs) is an instant water heating appliance, which uses Liquid Petroleum Gas [LPG) or Natural gas for the heating purpose, so the cost of producing hot water is that the electric bill is minimized by up to [70%] in GWHs, than electric geyser. This GWH concept has been used in the U.S.A. and European countries for several decades, but it is fairly new to this country. A Gas Geyser is the best alternative to an Electric Geyser.

Gas Geysers can be run with a domestic LPG cylinder and LPG regulator or connected to a refined biogas gas supply, so no electricity is required. The amount of hot water that can be produced is unlimited, unlike the limited capacity in Electric Geysers. Hot water is available in seconds, compared to 15-30 minutes in Electric Geysers.

As soon as you turn your tap on, the water flow through the Geyser activates the Battery operated ignition (minimum 0.3 bar pressure required) and also the valve that releases Gas [LP Gas or Natural Gas) to the main burner. The cold water running through a heat exchanger is heated by the gas burner and hot water (+40 degrees Celsius of ambient temperature) flows out of the heating system! On closing the tap, the water valve shuts off the gas to the main burner. In case there is no water supply, the gas is not released to the main burner [water safety measure]. If there is no flame, the gas is not released [Flame Failure Protection]. And in the rare case of overheating, the gas supply is cut off and the system shuts down over heat protection].

What size geyser do you need?

When deciding what size Hot Water Heater to Install, one needs to determine whether the heater's capacity is going to be fully utilized every time it is switched on, thus maximizing economy of gas usage. E.g. if the requirement is a 16 litre for the whole house and a 16 Lt is installed, then every time a hot water tap is opened in the kitchen enough gas is burned to heat 16 Litres of water per minute. It would be more economical to install a 6Lt for the kitchen and a 12 to a 16Lt for the bathroom area, serving different disciplines, running off the same gas bottle. When these geysers are installed to serve a single outlet (Although feeding off the same gas source), gas utilisation is down to a minimum while achieving the maximum water heating efficiency.

Below is table of sizes of Gas Water Heaters and the gas consumption for each size. Please note that these figures are when the temperature is at its highest, which is rarely the case in everyday use, and water volume at its greatest. This is adjustable to suit individual needs.

We use the bigger size Hot water heat when you have a bath tub to fill, as it would take longer to fill with the smaller size. For example you will get a maximum of 6Lt of hot water per minute on the 6Lt Hot Water Geyser, maximum 14Lt of hot water per minute on the 14 Lt  etc. All trade queries please contact Ian Duncan at the above address and telephone numbers

We do all gas repairs to gas geysers and gas appliances and we carry a large range of spares. We also do domestic gas installations and supply a Certificate of Conformity.

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